Sponsor a PatCon Award Category

Each $30 package will sponsor 1st/2nd/3rd place medals for one IPMS-judged category, gold/silver/bronze medals for one open-judged category, or one special awards plaque. (Or a single larger award for specials and "Best of" awards.) 

See this year's categories that are still available for Sponsorship 

Our Award Sponsors are acknowledged publicly:

  1. On the Category Sign on the table with the models;  
  2. During the Awards Ceremony, when the category and the winners are announced;  and 
  3. On the Club website, with the list of Categories and winners, with a URL link where applicable.

You may request to sponsor a specific category, a general type (i.e. “aircraft” or “auto”) , or we can just match you with an available one.  

Award sponsorship form: PDF

Sponsor an award category online. It's quick and easy with our PayPal page. Click the button below to get started. If you have a category preference, enter it in the provided field below before clicking the "Pay Now" button. Your preference will be submitted to us along with your PayPal payment. If a preference isn't provided, we will assign an available category to your sponsorship.

Category preference: