Fokker Triplane Collection

By BillMichaels | Published: 01/16/2021

Modeler's notes...

It all started back in October’20 when I built the (newer) Revell Dr.1 as a change of pace.  The Revell kit was a nice build, but it is molded in bright red plastic. I didn’t want to fight painting over the red, so I finished it in Jacobs’  all black scheme, using the decals from the Eduard Profipack kit.

After I finished, a Ora said “Nice to see something besides the all red MvR Dr.1 - there was such a variety of colorful schemes.”    That inspired me, and now, a couple of months later, I  have a total of seven Triplanes.  All the rest are Eduard kits, a mix of WE and Profipack kits. 

The models are build essentially OOB, with pilots added. (They will all end up in a mobile over my desk- a “Flying Circus”.). After building six of the Eduard kits, I am pretty sure I have found most of the mistakes you can make when building this kit.  (I have two left to finish, so I may yet find a new error to make!)

Markings are a mix of Eduard and scrapbox decals, plus some were painted using masks. One thing I am pleased with is the Fokker Streaking- it came out a lot better than it did on other builds in the past.

The planes:

Black: Josef Jacobs, Jasta 7 

Yellow: Lothar von Richtofen, Jasta 11
White: Hans Weiss, Jasta 11
Blue: Wilhelm Schwartz, Jasta 13
Lilac:  Rudolf Stark, Jasta 34b
Friedrich Kempf, Jasta 2 Boelcke
Red/white:  August Raben, Jasta 18

Build Specs

Fokker Triplane Collection
Eduard, Revell